Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012!!

So today is the last day of 2012.  To be honest, I am glad.  2012 brought one of the best things to my life - our son Simon - who is just 3 days shy of being one.  But it has also brought frustrations, heartache, and well, just plain "worration" - a blended word Jeff thought of that is a mix of "worry" and "frustration."

Simon turns one on Thursday!!!  He has been a joy to our lives.  I know I have not updated since October, so what has happened?  Well, he now has 6 teeth, and he started walking a few days before he turned 11 months old.  He is playful and loving.  He is definitely a Mama's baby.  He did not care too much for Santa, but he did like the Christmas tree -- ooh, lights, etc.

Luke has also turned 6 recently, and sometimes, he can be trying.  He was once described as determined, and that, he is.  But he is also sweet and loving.

Both kids are healthy and growing up too fast!!

Work has steadily gotten busier.  And with the "lovely" (sarcasm) changes ObamaCare brings, well, it is good that I am employed at the moment.  I just can't wait for more regulations and less reimbursements!!!

And our church life is about the same.  We still attend the same church, and we are loved truly by many.  We have had some changes in the church - some for the good, I believe.  But it is hard to hold on when the changes come.  That just makes us trust the Lord even more.

So here's to 2013!!  Here we come!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

9 month update

Well, I ended up mostly updating Simon during my last post, but I had to really post about him now that he is officially 9 months old. That means he will be a year old in 3 months. I can't believe how time has flown by. I just love his personality. He is starting to show me when he is not happy about something by pushing my hand. He likes to look at the "baby" in the shadow of the oven, the fire place, and over the bed. He really does not care for the baby in the mirror because it appears that baby has HIS Mommy. His nicknames are Si and Simey. He is standing some on his own and just soo close to taking those first steps. I'll probably be at work when he does it...

Simon has his official 9 month well visit on Friday, so we'll see the stats. I am guessing 20 lbs.

Yesterday, he wore an outfit (shirt and pants) that Luke wore when he was a year old. It amazes me how much they look alike.

Simon just adores his big brother. He follows him. He plays with big brother's toys. And that just makes Luke soo mad. I don't how many times I have said "The living room is a share-zone."

Luke is slowly recovering from having his tonsils and adenoids taken out last Friday. He is quite pitiful at this point, so I am hoping he will turn around quickly. Otherwise, he might have to finish kindergarten NEXT year.

The weather has definitely turned Fall-like. I am not sure how I really feel about that. But at least it will be nice and not really hot at the ECU Homecoming Game. GO PIRATES!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Updates and random thoughts

So Simon is almost 9 months old. He's standing some by himself. I first caught him standing two weeks ago while holding the remote control in his mouth. He is cruising around some, but sometimes crawling is faster. I often let him crawl around the kitchen, dining room, and living room while I am working on supper or just folding laundry. I have caught him crawling to the laundry room and heard the sound of the cat food bowl. I think I will need to put up the baby gate soon.

Today happens to be my birthday. I had a little time to reflect this morning on my life. It has had its ups and downs. I have had successes and failures. I once was reminded that without failures, we don't appreciate our successes. It does seem that now my successes revolve around my family more than myself. Over the last year, I have had a baby at term who has been a great joy to my life. I never imagined the bond that Simon and Luke would have. Luke has started school, too, and I did not cry that first day of school. We have already adjusted to getting up earlier and getting to school on time. Jeff continues to be a great support with the kids and allowing me to work. At work, we are getting busier and I feel we do a good job. We did get a new boss, so we are all adjusting to that. My church family has changed some, but I am happy where we are - with genuinely loving people whose goals match mine.

Today also marks 40 days until the election. Anyone who knows me already knows my views. All I can say is this country needs some help. We have to pray that God will forgive us and heal us. We need to pray for godly leaders who want the best for all people. We want someone to have morals. We need to pray for vision to protect Israel - God's chosen people.

So what else is on my mind? I was thinking about it the other day that really, truly, I am a kind person. I try to think of others a lot. I always remember birthdays, babies, people's financial and personal situations. I am burdened by my lost patients. Yet, it seems that I often get the "short end of the stick." I have found myself feeling somewhat annoyed about it all, but then I remember how kind and tender-hearted my Jesus has been. And I strive to be more like Him - despite how I am treated, even when I am hurt.

Monday, August 27, 2012

7 month update

Okay, I am a little behind. Simon is actually almost 8 months old. But we've been busy. Really busy.

So Simon continues to amaze me more every day. He is crawling and pulling up. And he eats. VERY WELL.

We went on vacation to the beach and the little tike was caught crawling towards the water like a little sea turtle. Very cute and captured on video too.

Luke is preparing for school which starts Wednesday for him. Yep, my little Luke will be in kindergarten. I'll blog more about that later.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Growing up too fast!

My boys are growing up too fast!

Luke - who has never sang and done motions with ANY program - from church to preschool - has done them... with a smile! It brought tears to my eyes seeing him with all the other kids singing and doing motions to songs about Jesus. Trust me, the pictures and video clips I took don't do it justice. Just a priceless moment. And very proud Mommy.

Simon - now 6 1/2 months old and crawling AND pulling up to stand. Trying to cruise too. And weighing in at 16 lbs 9.6 oz.

Next milestones will probably turn me into a fountain!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1/2 a year already?!!

Today marks our little baby's 1/2 year mark. Wow!! Simon is already 6 months old. He has been doing well with solids. He likes to eat most anything so far, except for bananas. I think he is trying though. He is working on holding his own bottle. And he is TRYING TO CRAWL! He can lift up and move but he is just a bit uncoordinated to master it completely. He reaches for me to pick him up. He still sucks his middle fingers when he is hungry or tired. I'll have his stats in a couple of weeks but I would not be surprised if he was at least 16 lbs. Big boy!!

Luke is enjoying his summer too! He and Jeff have been playing Nintendo - old school kind. Right now, they are working on Super Mario Bros 3 - you know, the one from 1988. It's been entertaining to watch them play and to listen to Luke. He tells Jeff to get the "mushroom," "get the fire seed," and "get the Tanooki." Yep, old school stuff!

Otherwise, we have been busy as usual. We had VBS at church last week. And it has gotten very hot - up to 109 degrees last Friday. Now the humidity has creeped in.

And the Olympics are around the corner! I get so excited about them! I just love the diving, swimming, and my all time fave - gymnastics!! Can't wait until July 27th!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May is over!!

Five months ago, I was blessed with the sweetest little baby who has grown up sooo much over the last month.

So what can the little man do now?
- Roll over
- Military crawl (belly on the ground)
- Hold toys and put them in his mouth
- Tolerate cereal a bit
- Suck on his two middle fingers

Okay, that doesn't sound like a lot, but really to a baby he has grown up!

Simon loves to look around. He does not want to be rocked. He would rather be laid down where he will roll over onto his tummy, stuff two fingers in his mouth, then go to sleep.

His stats - at his 4 month well visit (when he was 4 1/2 months) - 14 lb 14 oz!!

I love my sweet Simon!!!

And what about big brother Luke?

Well, he graduated from preschool!

And he had tonsillitis (again).

And I think he really loves Simon, but sometimes, he's a bit rougher with the baby than he should be. Working on that.

And he weighs 30 lbs wet, with clothes, and shoes... Working on that too.