Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 months out of my tummy

Baby Simon is 4 months old today. Four months since he left my tummy kicking and ventured out into the world. Four months of sleepless nights and crying and poopy diapers and just wanting to be held when Mommy is cooking, cleaning, etc. Four months of blessings from a smile first thing in the morning to holding on to Mommy's clothing for dear life. Four months I would not trade for anything else. So what is my little man doing now besides drooling and smiling? He likes to be upright so he can see what's going on. And that includes standing on me. He likes to sleep in the bed beside Mommy and big brother. He turns his head when he hears us shaking up his bottle. He turns his head to watch TV. I think he is about 15 lbs now but we'll have his official weight soon. He is taking about 6 ounces most feedings, and usually does not require an overnight bottle - to my delight. He is curious about the cat. His big brother Luke adores him. Life is great!!!