Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Munchkin Milestone #2

Today we are at 32 weeks and the coolness about that is that my local hospital can care for babies at 32 weeks. So that means my doctors are around, and if needed, my baby boy would be around 15 minutes away from home versus an hour. Still, we pray for baby to come a little later.

I have been doing pretty good with the gestational diabetes. I have also lost weight with it, and that does worry me a bit. And there are the fun contractions. Some are those Braxton-Hicks ones, but occasionally I have those intense ones that just take my breath away.

And my little boy will be 5 years old in 9 days! I cannot believe he is 5. Luke is growing up way too fast. I am very lucky to have such a sweet little boy. I think he is going to be a great big brother. I know Luke will have his days, and even though he can be babied a lot, he is also very mature sometimes. He will say things and just catch me off guard because they are just so, well, mature. He thinks a lot of others' feelings and that has been special to me.

One of the hardest things to explain to him has be related to death. We had to go to the funeral home for a friend's brother who recently passed away. Luke asked so many questions and most of them were easy to answer. But the hardest one was related to "why is there a body if he is in heaven?" So quickly, I told him that his heart was with Jesus in heaven. I thought it would be too hard to explain souls to him. Then again, he might understand it better than most people I know.

So I am looking forward to the arrival of my second little boy. I pray he is as loving and kind as my big boy.