Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baby.. oh, baby!

I know 10 women who are expecting, from Sept 23rd (for my dear student doctor) to late January 2012. And guess what! That includes me!!

I am due January 10th, and it's an exciting time. I have had 3 ultrasounds, and at the last one, the little tike was waving. How cool is that!

Luke has taken the news really well. Mostly, he just knows there is a baby and that he is not allowed to jump on or kick his Mommy. He has even named the baby - "Coconut Sippy Cup" for a boy and "Coconut Mountain Dew" for a girl. Go figure!!

So, if you think you're gonna see pics of my pregnant belly, then you are highly mistaken. I am way too fat for that. Just know that I can tell my tummy is bigger and more firm. And that I am still in regular clothes at 13 weeks and have gained no weight.

As for this pregnancy, the goal is a December baby this time. We would really like to have a baby that is not a resident of a NICU for the first months of his/her life. Tax deduction is nice too (vs a Jan baby).

And is this one different? Well, actually yes. With Luke, I was nauseated with brushing my teeth and really did not have a lot of tiredness, even with my overworked job I had then. With this one, I have had a lot of nausea and even had to change my vitamin time so that I would not puke in the am. The nausea comes and goes all day, and well, I have been exhausted. Working 8-5 pm Monday to Thursday and 8-12 pm on Friday has been more than enough. Thank goodness I don't have the hospital frustrations like I had in the past!!! Otherwise, I would not be able to work at all. And I have had some heartburn already. It's been a little better in the last month though.

The next question I hear is "what do you want?" Well, the truth is: I don't know. I have been blessed with a sweet little boy and already have boy clothes/stuff. So that would be easy. But then again, you can't put ECU Pirate cheerleader dresses on a boy, so a little girl would be great. Again, the goal is for a healthy baby who will be loved and nurtured by two parents who have been blessed by God again to parent. It just makes me have tears - or is that the hormones?

So pray for us on this fun journey!!!