Thursday, September 29, 2011

A September to Remember

Hurricane Irene fortunately did not do much damage at all here. It tore off some edging on the shelter outside and of course, we lost power for about 12 hours. But we survived and ran the generator for about 4 hours to heat up some supper and cool down the house for bed time.

So, we cruised into September without too much trouble. Work has gotten busier and that has been really good.

And I have been seeing my OB doctor every two weeks. She asked me at my last visit if I was sweating yet, and of course, I am. I am 25 1/2 weeks and had a baby at 28 weeks the last time. So I have been more nervous and I think that is the real reason my blood pressure has been trying to creep up.

My birthday was earlier this week and my new Physician assistant made me some cupcakes - not just any kind of cupcake - but chocolate cupcakes with rocky road icing from her great-grandmother's recipe. Delicious!!!!

The only drawback to the week has been more OB stuff. I did not pass my 1 hour glucose test last week, and I did the lovely 3 hour one yesterday. Yep, I flunked. So now I have gestational diabetes and guess what - that can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia. Just great (sarcasm intended). That means no more yummy chocolate cupcakes, Pepsi, cookies, orange juice, etc, etc, etc. And just a little bit more nervousness for this pregnancy.

But it will be worth it when I see my baby boy.