Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change...

Change is always upon us. Sometimes, it is difficult to experience change. And sometimes it is a wonderful thing. There are events to look forward to - like the birth of a sweet little boy. And then are those changes that are difficult to muddle through and swallow.

So far, it's been a wacky 2012. I had a baby, and now I'm back at work. Good for the budget but miss the little smiling baby. The weather has been mild this winter - good for my heating bill, bad for experiencing snow with the kids. And so many other changes that would be too complicated and possibly boring to mention.

The experts tell us that there are stress levels associated with change, like marriage, moving, and starting school are some are the heavier ones. And I am very happy that I experienced getting married, moving to another town (to be with my new husband) and starting medical school - all within a span of about 6 weeks. And the cool thing is that my Lord carried me through those changes.

As a doctor, I see a lot of stressed people. And they often seek medication to help them. And because I believe there are some benefits to those medications, I will prescribe them.

As a Christian, I also know that "Great is Thy faithfulness" and that stress needs to be turned over to Him who will fulfill His will. And our trials will make us stronger for Him as well. We just need to trust the Lord and not fear what lies ahead. Our future is great.

So change can be a really good thing!!