Friday, April 29, 2011


I did not think I would care much, yet I found myself drawn to the TV and internet today to see glimpses of the Royal Wedding. First of all, they seemed so down to earth and happy. They smiled and joked. Kate's reaction to the people on the balcony was "Oh, Wow!" And Kate's dress was elegant - modern but tasteful - not sleezy as some others I have seen. And I really wish the best for them. Oh, by the way, I did not get up at 4 am to watch it. Mostly, I saw some of the end of the wedding, their processional, and of course, their first royal kiss - quick but crowd-pleasing.

So what would it be to be a princess? Today, there is all the requirements and decorum. I would not want to be in the eye of everyone like that.

BUT, I am a princess. I am a Child of the King - with no requirements - just a gift that I accepted many years ago called salvation. A gift given with no bargains. A simple gift of love. It was paid on a cross many years ago with the death of my Savior. And my gratitude for that gift is eternal serving Him with gladness no matter what comes my way. For one day, I will get my crown.

And as a side, I am very proud and honored that my 4 year old knows that Easter is about Jesus who died on a cross when the soldiers hammered nails in His hands and that He came back to life and now lives in heaven.

I am definitely blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why Me?

My life is rich compared to others. I have a full-time job, loving family, my own home, my own car. My job is one I love. I pay my taxes. I get to choose what I want to eat. I get to choose what to wear each day.

And that itself makes me blessed.

So why me? Why am I so wanting?

I could go on and on how life is not fair - how I did not get some things in life that I wanted. And I know that good things comes to those who wait.

And that all things work together for the good of the Lord according to His purpose.

And that God always keeps His promises.

But then, then what?

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Start

I like blogging. And I like being able to share things. But there are some people in this world who are just plain too nosy. Too wrapped up in trying to know everything about everybody else to see their own troubles.


What to do?

I deleted this blog on 3/24/2011.

But then I had to restart it 4/1/11.

Because sometimes I need an avenue to publish my thoughts.

So unfortunately, no pictures of my family except for the kitty. No cutesy videos of Luke.

Just a little blog for me. No joke.