Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012!!

So today is the last day of 2012.  To be honest, I am glad.  2012 brought one of the best things to my life - our son Simon - who is just 3 days shy of being one.  But it has also brought frustrations, heartache, and well, just plain "worration" - a blended word Jeff thought of that is a mix of "worry" and "frustration."

Simon turns one on Thursday!!!  He has been a joy to our lives.  I know I have not updated since October, so what has happened?  Well, he now has 6 teeth, and he started walking a few days before he turned 11 months old.  He is playful and loving.  He is definitely a Mama's baby.  He did not care too much for Santa, but he did like the Christmas tree -- ooh, lights, etc.

Luke has also turned 6 recently, and sometimes, he can be trying.  He was once described as determined, and that, he is.  But he is also sweet and loving.

Both kids are healthy and growing up too fast!!

Work has steadily gotten busier.  And with the "lovely" (sarcasm) changes ObamaCare brings, well, it is good that I am employed at the moment.  I just can't wait for more regulations and less reimbursements!!!

And our church life is about the same.  We still attend the same church, and we are loved truly by many.  We have had some changes in the church - some for the good, I believe.  But it is hard to hold on when the changes come.  That just makes us trust the Lord even more.

So here's to 2013!!  Here we come!!!