Friday, October 21, 2011

Munchkin Milestone

Well, I am still pregnant. Yep, that is a milestone.

With Luke, I had a C-section when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I had pre-eclampsia and he was taken. A miracle baby with his 1 lb 13.7 oz self.

And now I am about 28 1/2 weeks. My blood pressure has been pretty good. I have only gained about 8 lbs this pregnancy. I have not had the swelling, and I can even wear my rings.

Of course, I think this baby is bigger than Luke was at 28 weeks. I just feel a little bit clumsier and off-balance. I have learned to take time and rest, which I did not do with Luke.

So my prayers continue for a healthier pregnancy. Praying for a December delivery...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Firefighters and Puppies

I just can't help myself. I am so in awe of my little boy who is still so little but so grown. Not too long ago, he told me he wanted to be a train driver - not the conductor but the driver. So that's okay.

Well, now Mr. Luke wants to be a firefighter, ambulance driver, policeman, AND a train driver. He's going to be busy I think.

He is planning to dress up as a fireman pretty soon, and he wants a fireman party for his birthday. I also gave him the task of picking out the baby's bedding, and any guesses what we're going with - yep, fire engines, etc.

The bedding set is really adorable but boyish. We can order the optional puppy dog plush, so I splurged and have ordered two of them - one for each of my boys.

So puppies are also a part of our lives. Most days, Luke is barking and begging like a puppy. Last year, he dressed up as Clifford, which was so cute for a homemade costume. And Jeff wakes him up in the morning by being a dog, and at night, Luke wants us to rub his puppy tummy and scratch behind his puppy ears. The funniest thing recently was yesterday when he stubbed his toe or tripped (don't really know for sure). He proceeded to tell me that he had hurt his back paw.

He might be a bit obsessed with this puppy thing, and I am wondering if his little brother will think there is a dog in the house instead of a big brother.

But it's cute, and it makes me smile!