Monday, October 8, 2012

9 month update

Well, I ended up mostly updating Simon during my last post, but I had to really post about him now that he is officially 9 months old. That means he will be a year old in 3 months. I can't believe how time has flown by. I just love his personality. He is starting to show me when he is not happy about something by pushing my hand. He likes to look at the "baby" in the shadow of the oven, the fire place, and over the bed. He really does not care for the baby in the mirror because it appears that baby has HIS Mommy. His nicknames are Si and Simey. He is standing some on his own and just soo close to taking those first steps. I'll probably be at work when he does it...

Simon has his official 9 month well visit on Friday, so we'll see the stats. I am guessing 20 lbs.

Yesterday, he wore an outfit (shirt and pants) that Luke wore when he was a year old. It amazes me how much they look alike.

Simon just adores his big brother. He follows him. He plays with big brother's toys. And that just makes Luke soo mad. I don't how many times I have said "The living room is a share-zone."

Luke is slowly recovering from having his tonsils and adenoids taken out last Friday. He is quite pitiful at this point, so I am hoping he will turn around quickly. Otherwise, he might have to finish kindergarten NEXT year.

The weather has definitely turned Fall-like. I am not sure how I really feel about that. But at least it will be nice and not really hot at the ECU Homecoming Game. GO PIRATES!!!

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