Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1/2 a year already?!!

Today marks our little baby's 1/2 year mark. Wow!! Simon is already 6 months old. He has been doing well with solids. He likes to eat most anything so far, except for bananas. I think he is trying though. He is working on holding his own bottle. And he is TRYING TO CRAWL! He can lift up and move but he is just a bit uncoordinated to master it completely. He reaches for me to pick him up. He still sucks his middle fingers when he is hungry or tired. I'll have his stats in a couple of weeks but I would not be surprised if he was at least 16 lbs. Big boy!!

Luke is enjoying his summer too! He and Jeff have been playing Nintendo - old school kind. Right now, they are working on Super Mario Bros 3 - you know, the one from 1988. It's been entertaining to watch them play and to listen to Luke. He tells Jeff to get the "mushroom," "get the fire seed," and "get the Tanooki." Yep, old school stuff!

Otherwise, we have been busy as usual. We had VBS at church last week. And it has gotten very hot - up to 109 degrees last Friday. Now the humidity has creeped in.

And the Olympics are around the corner! I get so excited about them! I just love the diving, swimming, and my all time fave - gymnastics!! Can't wait until July 27th!!

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